Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Agreement for the provision of Investment Services, Activities and Auxiliary Services to a Retail Customer This Agreement is concluded between:
DoitFX with registration number HE327647, registered registered office at the 12th Floor business center, Broadgate Tower, 24 Primrose Street, London, EC2A 2EW, (hereinafter the “Company”) by a party, and the Client, who has registered with a Trading Account with the Company and deposited funds, on the other hand. The Company is authorized and regulated by Financial Services Authority (FSA) de Seychelles
The Company will provide the Client with the Investment Services and Auxiliary Services covered by this Agreement, through its online electronic system (hereinafter referred to as “Trading Platform”).
The Company will offer services to the Client at the absolute discretion of the Company subject to the provisions of section 7 below. The Company offers its Services only to customers who are residents of the EEA (European Economic Area) except Belgium. The Client confirms having read, understood and accepted all the information, conditions and terms established on the Company’s website (hereinafter the “Website”), including the “Categorization of customers”, the “Policy of claims and grievances” , the “Investor Compensation Fund”, the “Fee Page” and the Privacy Policy, information from which copies have been provided to the client and / or which is also available for review and examination by the public , and whose content includes important legal information.
The Company reserves the right to register and operate other websites to identify convenient opportunities and create interest and awareness in the user towards the services provided in specific countries, which will contain information and disclosures for active and potential customers in foreign languages. The Company may provide all documents in languages ​​other than English, for informational purposes only. No translation provided legally binds the Company and the Company assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained. The Client must also consult the website in English to obtain information about the Company and its policies. By accepting this Agreement, the Client acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement, its annexes and / or annexes as well as other documentation and information published on the Website, in addition to the following documents the “Conflict of Interest Policy” », The« Order Execution Policy », and« Dissemination of risks », acknowledging the receipt thereof, as well as regarding the disclosure of our Privacy Policy. The Client accepts this Agreement when registering a Trading Account on the website and deposit funds in it. By accepting the Agreement, which is subject to final approval by the Company, the Client enters into a legal and binding agreement with the Company.
The terms of this Agreement shall be considered unconditionally accepted by the Client from the moment the Company receives from the Client an advance payment in accordance with this Agreement. As soon as the Company receives the Client’s advance payment, all operations performed by the Client on the platform will be subject to the terms of this Agreement and other documentation and information on the Website. Subject to the final approval of the Company and the deposit of funds in the Client’s account, the Client initiates a binding and legal agreement with the Company. Any agreement between the Company and its Clients and the procedure to be followed, is governed by the Law on Distance Marketing of Consumer Financial Services, Law N.242 (I) / 2004 of the Republic of Cyprus, the application of Directive 2002/65 / EC and all subsequent modifications to those in which the Agreement does not need to be signed, and the Agreement has the same legal effect and establishes the same rights, duties and responsibilities as an agreement printed and signed between both parties. By accepting this Agreement, the Client confirms to be able to receive information, including amendments to this Agreement via email or through the Website. If the Client wishes to have a printed copy of this Contract, duly signed and stamped by the Company, he must download.

Terms and conditions of the bonus.The bonus is an amount that is added to your balance, the bonus is not removable, only the profits you get with it.When this bonus is added you will not be able to withdraw until you have made a volume of transactions worth x5 of the total amount.Scalping and crossover operations are not allowed to perform the volume.

the Contract from the website www.DOITFX.COM, complete it and send two signed copies to the Company, indicating the Customer’s postal address, A duly signed copy will be sent back to the specified address. After its execution and / or online acceptance, this Contract will be stored in a Durable Support and will be accessible within the Account, which the Client may freely consult at any time. CONSIDERING that the Client wishes to make use of the services provided by the Company, he has accepted the terms and conditions indicated in this document and completed the information of the Client necessary to activate the Trading Account. 1. Interpretation of the terms In this Agreement, except as otherwise provided, the terms mentioned shall have the following meanings: “Agreement” – this Agreement, including any attachments and / or appendices attached to this document, which may periodically be modified or replaced. “Appendix” – the appendices to the Agreement that may periodically be modified or replaced, and that constitute an integral part of this Agreement. “Annex” – the annexes to the Agreement that may be periodically modified or replaced, and which constitute an integral part of this Agreement. «Ask» – the highest price in a quote. The price at which the Customer can buy. «Bid» the lowest price in a quote. The price at which Customer can sell. “Client” – implies a natural person, which is accepted by the Company as its Client, to whom the services will be provided by the Company under the terms of this agreement. The Company only accepts natural persons as Clients, who must reside in the European Economic Area (EEA), except Belgium. «CFD (contract for difference)» – a negotiable contract between the Client and the Company, which exchanges the difference in the value of an Instrument, as specified in the Trading Platform at the time of opening a Transaction, and the value of the Instrument at the end of the contract. “Digital Options Contract (COD)” implies a type of derivative instrument in which the Client obtains a payment if he correctly predicts the change in the price of the underlying asset at the time the option expires.
It can be predicted if the value of the underlying asset will fall above or below the strike price at the time of expiration. “Durable support” – any instrument that allows the Client to store the information personally addressed to the Client, in an accessible manner for future references and for a period of time suitable for information purposes and which allows the invariable reproduction of the stored information. «Stock» – any regulated market. “Execution” implies the execution of the Order (Orders) of the Client by the Company that acts as counterpart of the Client according to the terms of this contract. «Capital» – the positive or negative balance, any gain / loss arising from any open position.
“Financial Instruments” – the financial instruments provided in paragraph 2.3 below, available in the Company’s Trading Platform. The General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR” implies the Regulation of the (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the treatment of personal data and the free circulation thereof. “Investor Compensation Fund” (ICF) involves the fund of the clients of the Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF), which are members of the fund, as established in accordance with article 59 (1) and (2) of the Law, whose powers and functions are regulated by the provisions of the Law and Directive DI144-2007-15 of 2015 of the ). «Know Your Client Documents (KYC)» – involves the Client’s documents, which include, among others, the passport or your Personal Identification Document (ID) and a bill for home services (electricity, water, gas, etc.) 
that the Client must provide. «Law» – Law of Services and Financial Activities and Regulated Markets of 2017 (Law 87 (I) / 2017) that periodically can be modified or replaced. “Margin” – the required funds available in the trading account for the purpose of maintaining an open position. “Margin Level” – the minimum amount of capital that a customer needs to maintain an open position that is calculated as Capital / Margin. “Market” – the market in which financial instruments are subject to commercialization, whether this market is organized / regulated or not, and whether or not it is located in Cyprus or abroad. “Market Maker” implies a company that offers OFFER (BID) and DEMAND (ASK) prices for financial instruments. «Trading time» – the period of time within a weekly calendar, where the trading terminal or platform of the Company offers the opportunity to carry out transactions. The Company reserves the right to modify this period of time as it deems necessary, after notifying the Client. “Retail Client” means a Customer that is not a “Professional Client” or an “Eligible Counterparty” within the meaning of the Directive on the Markets of Financial Instruments of the European Union (hereinafter, “MiFID II”), of compliance with the Investment Services and Activities, and the Regulated Markets Law of 2007. “Off-Exchange Market (OTC)” implies out-of-stock investments, that is, that the financial instruments offered by the Company are executed outside of a stock market or regulated trading place. “Parties” – the two parties to the Agreement ie the Company and the Client. «Password» – the password chosen by the Client at the request of the Company, to access the Company’s Trading Platform. “Prices” refers to the prices offered to the Client for each transaction that may be modified without prior notice. When applicable, the “Prices” provided by the Trading Platform will include Propagation (see definition below). “Services” refers to the services provided by the Company under this Agreement, as defined in paragraph 2 to the Client, through the Trading Platform. «Spread» is the difference between the purchase price Ask (type) and the sale price Bid (type) at the same time. To avoid any doubt, a predefined Spread is for the purposes of this Agreement an assimilated commission.
«Transaction» – the opening or closing of any Offer of Purchase or Sale of a Financial Instrument made in the Client’s trading account. The Company executes the orders of the Clients as the principal of the transaction, and always acts as counterpart in the transaction. «Trading account» – the only personified record (account) of all transactions / operations on the Company’s platform. «Trading platform» – all the programs and technologies that present quotes in real time, allow the placement / modification / elimination of orders and calculate all the reciprocal obligations between the Client and the Company. «Username» – the username chosen by the Client at the request of the Company, to access the Company’s Trading Platform. «FATCA» – the Federal Law of the United States whose full name is the Tax Compliance Act of foreign accounts. “United States Person to be informed of:” – in accordance with the purposes of this Agreement, involves a person on whom information must be provided that, in accordance with the provisions of the FATCA (Law on tax compliance of foreign accounts), Defined as follows: A US citizen (including dual citizens) A foreigner residing in the United States for tax purposes A couple of fact A national company Any state that is not a foreign state Any trust if: A court within the United States is able to exercise primary oversight over the administration of the trust One or more persons in the United States have the power to control all important trust decisions Any other person who is not a foreign person. Any term used in this Agreement and not interpreted, will have the meaning attributed in the Law or in any EU directive. The headings of the paragraphs will be used only for ease of reference and will not affect the content or interpretation of the Agreement. Unless the context indicates otherwise, the reference to persons also includes legal persons, the singular will also include the plural and vice versa and the gender should include the other.
The reference to any agreement (including among others this Agreement) or to any other document, shall be understood to include references to them, which may periodically be modified, extended or replaced, and all agreements and documents declared as supplementary shall be attached thereto.
Provision of services Subject to the Client fulfilling the obligations under this Agreement, the Company must facilitate the execution of the relevant transactions requested by the Client, permitted by the capabilities of the Company and the Agreement. The Company will carry out all transactions in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, only on the basis of execution, without administering the account or advising the Client. The Company has the right to execute the transactions requested by the Client in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, even if the transaction is not beneficial for the Client.
The Company is obliged, unless otherwise agreed in this Agreement and / or other documentation and information on the Website, to supervise or advise the Client on the status of any transaction, make warranty adjustments, or close any of the Client’s open positions. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, the Company is not obliged to make attempts to execute the Client’s order with more favorable quotes than those offered through the Platform. The Investment and Auxiliary Services that the Company must provide, in accordance with the terms of the Contract are detailed below, the Company must provide them in its capacity as market maker, under the terms of this Agreement.
The Services that the Company has the right to provide in relation to one or more Financial Instruments, as specified in your permit provided  and under the terms of the Agreement, are the following: Investment Services and Activities MiFID II Receipt and transmission of orders in relation to one or more Financial Instruments; Execution of orders on behalf of clients. Negotiation in Own Account. Portfolio Management. Investment Advice. Additional services Custody and administration of financial instruments for the Client’s Investment Account, including custody and related services such as treasury management and guarantees. Granting loans or loans to one or more financial instruments, when the company that grants the loan or credit is involved in the transaction. Foreign exchange market services when said services are related to the provision of investment services. The Company will not provide advice on investment, taxes or negotiation, unless it is specified between the Client and the Company in a separate agreement. Our services include “execution only”, which means that the Company will act on the Client’s instructions and will not advise you on any transactio.
nor will it supervise your business decisions to determine whether they are appropriate for you or to help you avoid losses. You must obtain your own financial, legal, tax advice and other professional advice. MiFID II financial instruments offered by the company Binary and Digital Options Contracts in stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs; Binary options products and digital options are available only to professional clients; Options in currency pairs (FX Options); Financial Contracts for Differences (CFDs) in shares, commodities, Stock Exchange Funds (ETFs), Indexes, Currency Pairings in Foreign Currency Markets (FX) and Financial Contracts for Differences (CFDs) in cryptocurrencies for short / sale transactions .
It should be noted that the client may only invest with Financial Contracts for Differences (CFD) in cryptocurrencies, exclusively, in relation to transactions for short sales. Consequently, when the Company refers to: Financial Contracts for Differences (CFD) in relation to cryptocurrencies, including, among others, in the Company’s Terms and Conditions, the Order Execution Policy, the General Rates, the Conflicts of Interest, as well as to any other relevant document included in the Company’s website, it must be understood and agreed that the mention ” CFDs in cryptocurrencies ” will only refer to short / sale transactions. For more information, see the Company’s Terms and Conditions in relation to Cryptocurrencies. Investments with CFDs and other derivatives do not grant you any right, right to vote, title or interest in the underlying instrument of the Transaction. You understand that you have no right to take possession and that you have no right to ownership of any underlying instrument. CFDs and other derivatives are not traded on a regulated exchange and are not settled in a central clearing house. These exchange and clearinghouse rules and protections do not apply. The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion and for all Contracts for Differences (CFD) products, to impose the following expiration dates: daily / weekly / monthly and / or without expiration.
Financial products outside the scope of the Company’s MiFID II Services and Instruments Cryptocurrencies Contracts for Protected Differences (CFDs) and Contracts for Differences in Margin (CFDs) On its website, the Company has the right to provide financial services on Contracts for Differences (CFD) with intrinsic protection (protected CFDs). The risk of loss, with respect to protected Contracts for Differences (CFD), is limited to 50% of the amount invested by the Client in a specific CFD contract. Customers may choose to opt for the functions offered by protected CFDs, by selecting the option to use the balance in their investment account, in order to maintain an open CFD position (“CFDs in margin”).
In this case, when the loss for a position reaches 50%, the Client’s account reserves an additional 20% of the original investment amount. If the CFD position suffers more losses, the Client’s available balance will be reduced, consequently, even more, by 20%. The Client may limit the additional funds reserved with respect to the balance of his account by specifying his acceptable loss level with respect to a CFD position. In both characteristics described above with respect to the Contracts for Differences (CFD), the Company offers (1) a rule for the closing of margins that is established in 50% in order to guarantee that the margin of the Clients is not undermined. to zero; and (b) protection against the negative balance of the account, that is, Customer’s losses may never exceed the total amount of funds available in the Client’s account. In addition, the risk of loss related to the corresponding potential benefits, in relation to the CFDs described above, is reasonably understandable, considering the particular nature of the proposed financial contract. Communication with Customers If you are already a Customer 
 we will have the legitimate interest to communicate with you, we will give you assistance and / or send you newsletters, automatic messages and calls to keep you up to date with our new features.
news and events, as well as regarding an efficient provision of the full scope of our services. We will also send you by email commercial information regarding our services, which we believe may interest you. General disposition The Company agrees to provide the Customer with the Services, provided that the Client: Be over 18 years of age, have legal capacity and be in full use of their mental faculties; Do not reside in any country where the distribution or provision of financial products or services offered by the Company contravene the law or local regulations. It is the Client’s responsibility to check the terms and comply with any local law or regulation to which they are subject. Please note that the Company does not offer financial products or services to Belgian residents, due to restrictions applicable in Belgium; Do not be a person to be reported in the United States; Do not be a citizen or resident of the following jurisdictions: Australia, Canada, Israel, Palestine, Japan or North Korea. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company reserves the right, acting in a reasonable manner, and in its sole and absolute discretion, to suspend or deny access and use of the Investment Platform to any person. The Company may provide the Client with reports, news, opinions, as well as any other information with the purpose of facilitating the Client’s making their own investment decisions, however, such information will not constitute a personal investment advice. If the Company for any reason provides any recommendation or advice, the Client accepts that any transaction made, either by adopting or disregarding such recommendation or advice, will be deemed to have been made by the Client, based solely on his own judgment and Company will not assume any responsibility. The customer accepts and understands that the alerts regarding the price changes shown in the investment platform of the Company do not constitute personal advice for investments. In addition, the aforementioned alerts in relation to the change in prices, refer to events in the past, as well as the performance that occurred in the past, so it is not a reliable indicator with respect to future results. The provision of investment advice will only be carried out by the Company subject to a separate agreement in writing with the Client, and after evaluating the Client’s personal circumstances. Unless a written agreement has been reached between the Client and the Company, the provision of reports, news, opinions and any other information by the Company to the Client shall not constitute investment advice or investment research. The Company offers internal, live chats, in which clients can share, among other things, their investment ideas and / or express their opinions in general. The customer acknowledges and accepts that the live chat function provided by the Company does not constitute or constitute valid and / or accurate information and / or information that is directed towards potential customers / clients and / or that in no way it consists of information that is controlled by the Company and / or that does not involve investment advice, since it is simply a characteristic that allows customers, among other things and among themselves, to express their thoughts and ideas.
The Client accepts and acknowledges that he will be solely responsible for any investment, transaction or investment strategy and shall not depend on the Company for this purpose and the Company will not assume any responsibility, regardless of any circumstance, for any investment, transaction or investment strategy. 
The Client shall have the right to cancel the order provided to the Company within 3 seconds after the delivery of said order to the Company (hereinafter, the “Cancellation”). The client accepts and understands that the cancellation option of the three seconds offered by the Company is applicable and will be available to the client, as long as the price does not change. Within three seconds of the Client sending the order to the Company through the platform, the Company may (but is not obligated to) offer to acquire the Client’s option and the Client has the right to accept such offer (referred to as successive “Purchase”).
The Client is entitled to such Cancellation or Acquisition of the option, but always subject to the conditions specified in the platform. These conditions may also include a charge charged by the Company. This charge is specified in the platform.
The Company is obliged to provide all the necessary information, such as Cancellation and Acquisition conditions, cost, etc. The Client acknowledges and accepts that the delivery of such information on the platform is sufficient. The Client acknowledges and accepts that the use of the Cancellation or Purchase is very risky for the Client since the cost of the Cancellation and / or Acquisition depends on the market situation.
The Client acknowledges and accepts that he assumes all risks associated with the use of the Cancellation and / or Acquisition. 3. Application, Registration and Verification By registering to create an investment account with the Company, the Customer will provide their personal information and verify their email address and contact telephone number. We may not be able to continue offering our services and the Client may not continue to register your account, unless such necessary information is provided.

Terms and conditions of the bonus. The bonus is an amount that is added to your balance, the bonus is not removable, only the profits you get with it. When this bonus is added you will not be able to withdraw until you have made a volume of transactions worth x5 of the total amount. Scalping and crossover operations are not allowed to perform the volume.

Before financing your account, you will be asked to provide more personal information pertaining to your economic profile, in an appropriate manner (together with “identification”) (see Clause 4) and you must provide identification documents in order to verify your account (the verification”). It is possible that we can not offer our services and that the Customer can not access the investment platform, without having completed the identification of your account. The verification documents that can be included are not limited to: Passport or National Identity Document issued by the government authority Proof of your address, such as a Domestic Service Bill (electricity, gas, etc.) or Bank Statement Copy of the Customer Credit card The Company reserves the right to request those supporting documents that are of an additional nature during the verification of the Client’s Investment Account, and continuously, during the course of the commercial relationship, if such information is required due to legal obligations. and / or regulations that the Company may have, or if such information is necessary for the Company to efficiently offer its services to the Client.
Depending on the deposit method, the Company reserves the right to request supporting documentation that is necessary to verify the final beneficiary of the account, from which the funds have been sent, if such information was required due to legal obligations and / or regulations that the Company may have, or if such information is necessary for the Company to offer its services efficiently to the Client. In the case of debit or credit card deposits, the Company will request a scanned copy of the front and back of the card. The Customer must ensure that the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card number are available. All other digits and the CVV code on the back of the card must be covered for the Client’s protection. If you choose not to disclose the information necessary for the Company to offer its services, it will be understood that the Company, in accordance with applicable regulations, will not be obliged to accept you as a Client, as long as all the required documentation is not received. by the Company, documentation which must be correctly completed by you, and afterwards you must have satisfied all the internal controls. In the event that any information is optional (that is, not absolutely necessary) you will be notified accordingly when providing your personal information.